Norman Arts Council has established a number of programs to help bring art and culture to the Norman community, including 2nd Friday Norman Art Walks, MAINSITE Contemporary Art, Cultural Connections, Arts in Education initiatives and more.


Norman Arts Council expands its reach by supporting a number of community arts organizations and events like Norman Music Festival, Sam Noble Museum of Natural History, Jazz in June & more. Your organization could be eligible, too!


To support individual artists, Norman Arts Council, MAINSITE Contemporary Art & Norman Public Arts Board makes a number of art opportunities available. See those and more from a variety of partners and organizations across the state and country. 

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Norman Arts Council’s Public Art is SmART program uses Norman’s  public art as the catalyst for dynamic educational resources  created to encourage educators of every grade level and subject area to enhance their teaching and students’ educational experiences using various, wonderful pieces of accessible works of art.


Norman Arts Council had a great 2017 and looks forward to making 2018 even bigger and better! We'll see you soon with 2nd Friday Art Walks, art workshops and more!

Sarah Chambers at MAINSITE Contemporary Art

Sarah Chambers at MAINSITE Contemporary Art

Splash! was recently installed at the Westwood Family Aquatic Center

Splash! was recently installed at the Westwood Family Aquatic Center


Thanks to the following sponsors for their ongoing support of Norman Arts Council, its operations and programs. 



As well as the contributions and support from many more businesses, organizations, families and individuals.