Reboot Your Creativity with International Artist Skip Hill

Skip UA Now-01.jpg

Everyone has an artist lurking within. Undercover Artists is a series of art workshops — led by some of Norman's finest artists — debuting in 2017 that celebrates the creativity of amateurs and practiced artists, alike. The workshops, inviting all skill levels and a variety of ages, are equal parts fun and informative, a collaborative community experience that will let that inner artist come to the forefront for a spell (or maybe unleash a new, long love affair).

The next workshop in the series is Asking Your Creativity to Dance: A Creative Reboot with Skip Hill from 2 to 4 p.m. on Saturday, October 7 at MAINSITE Contemporary Art, 122 E. Main. The beloved international artist will share his story and advice for getting back up on the horse after a long break away from art and other creative work.

"If there is one phrase I hear more than any other from creatives it's, 'I wish I could get back to making my art again,'" Hill said. "My first question is usually 'Why did you stop?' followed by 'What will it take to get you making Art again? How do you make space in your life for an art practice? How do you re-engage the creative activity that at one point brought you so much joy, expression and challenge?'"

Rebooting your inner artist, uncovering your internal creative blocks to making art, and learning exercises and strategies to overcome those creative blocks is the purpose of this two hour workshop facilitated by artist Skip Hill.


Skip Hill creates lyrical collage paintings and drawings that blend High and Low aesthetics through a tapestry of styles rooted in cultures around the world. Hill's images and forms are drawn from such diverse sources as comic books, Folk art, tribal textiles, Ukiyo prints, Asian calligraphy, and Western Art History to produce Art that engages the viewer in a visually meditative experience. His artwork is found in private and public collections in the US, the UK, France, Argentina, Brazil, Colombia, and the Netherlands.