The Line Between Reality and Imaginary is Muddied in Norman Artist’s Solo Exhibition

Norman artist Jason Cytacki invites visitors to his new exhibition Reruns to remember moments that never even happened. 

Paintings of everyday Midwestern scenes and sculptural works that serve as models for said paintings will bring a rush of familiarity twisted by the fact that these exposed, not quite finished vignettes of a typical Midwestern existence are only vague recreations of fuzzy memories, a sort of modern take on “crumbling wonders of classical ruins.”

Reruns opens Friday, December 14 at MAINSITE Contemporary Art, 122 E. Main, Norman and runs through Friday, January 11.  

The exhibition will be celebrated with an opening reception from 6 to 10 p.m. on Friday, December 14 with a closing reception scheduled for 6 to 10 p.m. on Friday, January 11. Both receptions occur in conjunction with the free 2nd Friday Norman Art Walk — presented by Norman Arts Council — that takes place monthly in the Walker Arts District of Downtown Norman.  

Cytacki 3 Web.jpg

Cytacki is an Associate Professor of Painting at the University of Oklahoma. Cytacki earned MFA from the University of Notre Dame in 2011 and now lives and works in Norman. His work examines the underlying framework that mediates the values, meanings and symbols of the world we inhabit. 

“Using specifically mundane imagery, each painting presents a common experience, evoking a sense of ambiguous but relatable familiarity,” Cytacki said in his artist statement. “However, each image actually depicts a hand-built miniature set, these familiar moments never really existed. The illusion dissolves upon closer inspection when visible details such as the corrugation of the cardboard and tape become apparent, suggesting fragility and artifice.”

MAINSITE Contemporary Art is open from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. Tuesday through Saturday. Both daily gallery hours and receptions are free and open to the public.